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Indira Awas Yojana (IAY)

Here you can find lists in various stages of choosing IAY beneficiaries. The Family Survey was condcted in year 2007 and families were given score  from 0-52 based on various indicators of quality of life( 0 being poorest and 52 being richest). families getting score 0-13 were categoried as Below Poverty Line(BPL) familes. Based on availability of house to a family permanent waiting list was prepared panchayt wise in ascending order of score obtained by a family.

Before this BPL list was compiled families were given Indira Awas as per BPL survey prevailing at those times. After Family Survey of 2007 and upto 31st March 2011 families were given Indira Awas based on this permanent waiting list. So Complete list of IAY beneficiries can be seen in "IAY Beneficieries before 31-03-2011". So wating list for spot verification was prepared by taking out families given IAY earlier from this waiting list. This "IAY Wating List for 2011" was verified by departmental functionaries and list published. Those found eligible in this list were given IAY on 27-08-2011 in special camp and those found inlegible were rejected. Both such lists can be seen here.

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